About us

Originally planted in 1982 and first released under the Fairhall Downs brand in 1996, these single vineyard Marlborough wines have enjoyed a world-renowned reputation for exceptional quality.

Since our purchase of the property in 2014, the focus has been on vineyard improvement and introduction of sustainable management.


Meet the team

Brendon Bray

Brendon Bray - Owner / Vineyard Manager

Armed with a diploma in Farm Management, Brendon first farmed the family farm; later managing, then leasing a mixed cropping business. Meeting Charlotte and wanting to diversify his skills saw him gravitate towards viticulture and move to Marlborough.
Having managed some of Marlborough's premium vineyards, Brendon and family purchased Fairhall Downs in 2014 and it is his unashamed passion for excellence that really shines in the quality of our fruit.



The Bray Family

The Bray family


It is not overstating it to say Fairhall Downs is a truly family affair. Brendon’s wife, Charlotte, and the children have proven themselves a great help with bud-rubbing and bird scaring - though the children’s staying power leave something to be desired!


The Hill Family

The Hill family


Charlotte’s parents co-own Fairhall Downs with Brendon and Charlotte and also live on the property.
Both are enthusiastic supporters of the finished product but the key reason for their involvement in Fairhall Downs, aside from ready access to very high quality Marlborough wine, was to invest in a future for their family.
Colin has developed numerous companies during his career. One of his current projects is the development of a prototype engine.

The Dogs

The dogs


Every winery has the obligatory four legged friend, but with six dogs, Fairhall Downs may well hold the record for the most dogs at a winery.

The 3 labs, 1 English pointer and 2 working dogs star in Wine Dogs New Zealand 2.

You can buy the latest Wine Dogs book here